Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Introducing Jalan Alor...

This is the best street ever to stay in. I stayed once in Federal Hotel but that was a long time ago when I wasn't the exploring freak. I didn't even leave the hotel that time because I didn't enjoy night life or even walking around aimlessly. But now, I do enjoy walking around, going from one place to another. The whole of Jalan Alor is a street food haven. There was a whole row of coffee shops with various stalls selling all sorts of hawker food. We tried almost every shop but went back to the one we love most. Food was not cheap. One simple plate of Sin Chew Bee Hoon cost RM7 when you can buy more than 3 packets of vermicelli at the price of RM7. Imagine just having a plate of fried vermicelli at that price, double the price of what I can get in Penang. The funny thing was I wasn't complaining about the price, I was actually enjoying the food and I don't mind going back there again. Food, glorious food~! The street on my right consists of Chinese food while on my left, you can find Malay hawker stalls and Thai cuisine. I love Chinese food. It's to die for. Hohoho~! Stay at Seasons View Hotel. Don't bother about all the negative comments given by those who do not know how to place a proper comment to such a good budget hotel. I did read the bad comments but we prayed about it and we get the best service :D I'll share with you about the best service soon. Not now... kinda tired.

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