Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mi Mama's Surprise Birthday...

Mi mama's birthday surprise... the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Mi mama has changed so many mobile phones, from one model to another that I've lost count of the number of phones that she has used. Since mi mama loves electronic gadgets so much, thus I guessed that a Galaxy Tab as a birthday pressie should be one great surprise. A surprise indeed it was~! The place to celebrate mi mama's birthday wasn't a surprise though. Mi mama is one sporting person and a very updated lady that before I could even utter the word 'Fullhouse' as the new restaurant in town with the lovely white theme, mi mama went there with her colleagues already... *blink blink blink* We were at Penang Times Square, us walking into Fullhouse for the first time, second time for mi mama. As this is not a food blog, I would choose not to say much about the food as the food was just okay but I like the place very much as every corner of the perfectly decorated English style white colonial restaurant cum boutique was a perfect spot as a photo background. If you wanna know more about food, I would like to suggest that you go over to Gracie's food blog. Shortly after we placed our food order, we took off, leaving our table empty. We went to have a photography session. The manager was so kind, he even became our butler, carrying our bags while we were busy posting without our bags as accesories. Ahhh... all the lovely people in a great shot. The boutique upstairs was even a better place to play dress up. My precious and I were very very busy trying out on the headgear, lengthy and large necklaces which will get you entangle and choke up to death if you're not too careful, there are scarves which I know I will never spend my money on and shades that I have no interest in but for playing dress up, I don't mind putting on all those. The manager came up after looking for us downstairs. He was waiting for instruction for the next surprise for mi mama. Since he saw what we were doing, which wasn't allowed actually in a boutique, I asked him to pretend that he didn't see us and what we were doing. He was very kind to ignore us completely while we continued with our nonsense. The next surprise came with the manager carrying the cake to the table, singing the birthday song accompanied by a few other waitresses, singing a cappella style. Mi mama had the most wonderful birthday surprise last year... and I'm almost a month late in updating this blog. Love you mama, muacks~!

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