Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Chinese New Year Madness...

As the Chinese New Year is just tomorrow, prior to getting prepared, as in stocking up the kitchen cabinet and refrigerator and storeroom, if you have any, the Chinese can spend a lot of time and money just for the Chinese New Year celebration. The hypermarkets will be slashing off prices and due to that, you will see a snakingly long queue trying to get to the goods on sale. In this example, everyone was getting to the 100Plus as it was at a dirt cheap price with free 100Plus some more. If you see the way they buy you might think they're gonna donate to a large team of runners in a marathon. You're wrong then, they're just gonna drink it during the Chinese New Year while putting their money on cards, trying their stroke of luck to win something back after giving away so much money in the red packets. Each customer was limit to 6 cartons only and there were 4 of us coming in 2 different cars. That's mama's friend and seriously, she owned a coffee shop and she's an engineer as well. You've not seen the scene in the wet market. You wouldn't want to step into the war zone where aunties were buying stuff like they're gonna cook for an army load of soldiers. Well, that's just for reunion dinner. How much can you eat during reunion dinner especially in a steamboat? Oh, wow~! Reminds me of my breakfast, lunch and dinner of having meatballs, prawns, more meatballs and more prawns for 5 days in a row. I vow to my Chinese New Year celebration a different one this year. I break all traditions again and I'm very happy with myself. Don't tell me what to do :D Wow~! All the 100Plus stacked up outside mi mama's house. I'm not one who will pile up the freezer but once you see my freezer you will understand why I do not need to pile it up. My freezer is as big as folding an adult and a child into it... it's as large as that, I'm just giving you an example, not saying that I've ever fold somebody into my freezer.

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