Thursday, January 05, 2012

Petronas Twin Towers..

This is the main reason why I was at KLCC. I wanted so much to get a nice shot of the Twin Towers. As we were spending the whole day at KLCC, visiting the Petrosains and Aquaria, we walked back towards Suria KLCC, did some shopping. I really like shopping in Isetan. Should have spend more time there. Then we went all the way up to Kinokuniya. I have a craze for bookstores too but at that point of time, we only wanted to sit down to rest our tired legs and I got a full wide view of the splashing water at the Symphony Lake. I was thinking that there would be colourful lights shining out from the pond as well so we waited until the water pump was switched on and waited until the sun finally went to sleep. Darkness fall but the lake was just as dark except for the rhythmic splashes of fountains. I was truly satisfied, with the good weather, the inky black sky as the backdrop and a dream fulfilled.

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