Thursday, September 29, 2016

♡ Penang Island ♡ Upside Down Museum ❀

This is something different. I like the Malay name... Muzium Terbalik... semua pun terbalik... last last manusia yang terbalik.
If you have never been to one, you might want to go for the fun of it.
I wasn't very happy upon checking through the photos. It's a small place and crowd control was needed, thus you can't just take your own photos and take your own sweet time to pose like you're some film stars. 
At every station, there will be one of the staff who will take photos for you. I was unimpressed with the first station. The props were more important than humans. What happened to the whole picture? Everyone has to pay an entrance fee. Look at the number of people in our group. Come on... hire a better photographer. If not just train the staff on duty at the stations on how to aim and shoot properly. Humans and props within the frame. Not difficult right? 
Not any Tom, Dick and Harry knows how to take a photo properly. A professional does not need a fancy hi-tech camera to take a clean and clear photo likewise one who does not know how to take a photo, even with the latest camera, no picture will be perfect. But there were a few who were really good. Turn that camera, instead of horizontal, hold it vertical then everything will be in one frame. 
No one will go for the second time. It was a very rushed 'museum' visit. Can go la once...

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