Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Malacca City Stop #3: Watermill, Navy and Ship...

The benefit of walking around was you could make as many stops as you want. You can just squeeze into a small lane or stand around the perimeter of a building and take photos without going in. 
Along the way, we stopped and took a pic of The Malacca Sultanate Watermill. The two people standing there refused to move themselves from the watermill.
Then, the huge wooden ship was a replica of the Portuguese' Flor de la Mar ship. This replica was a museum and we didn't enter this time because I went before. We're not fans of museums unless it's somewhere rich in history which we have not read anywhere.
Across the road was the Royal Malaysian Navy Museum. My first and second visit were the same. Just took some photos from outside because we did not have much time in hand. 

It is worth visiting. Please, get your tickets and go on in...

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