Thursday, September 22, 2016

Jonker Walk Stop #4: Nancy's Kitchen...

This time round, I Google search for the best nyonya cuisine in Malacca. Nancy's Kitchen appeared in every search entry. I decided to try out that place.
Thank God we came early. We arrived when the Kitchen just opened for patrons. We were considered the first batch of customers to be ushered into the small restaurant before the door was locked. The others were left standing in line outside in the hot afternoon sun. 
We ordered quite a lot for three people. I don't know what to say about the food. The taste was there but the burst of taste was not there. They lacked the 'oomph' I find in food. The burst of flavours was absent thus, I was a wee bit upset. But since we did not have to stand under the hot sun so I didn't complain. 
While waiting for the food, which came at the speed of lightning, I roamed the back portion. The kitchen downstairs was not in used. They must have used it to prepare, but not for cooking. I'm okay with this messy kitchen. If it's too clean, I also cannot cook coz you'll want to wipe every drip and before long, you find that you are not busy cooking, but wiping and picking up onion pieces dropped on the floor. If there's cabbage involve, then gone case already the floor and kitchen top.
I found buah keluak. My friends had to search high and low for buah keluak when they were in Malacca because I needed that for one of my nyonya dishes. Usually, those who can cook will be very particular with the taste of food. I'm just okay with Nancy's Kitchen or maybe there's no other better nyonya restaurants in Malacca? I don't know... I have yet to find out. Maybe one day I will go nyonya cuisine hunting in Malacca but Penang has very good nyonya restaurants!

PS. Cannot remember how much the total bill. Cannot remember the name of the dishes also.

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