Tuesday, September 27, 2016

From Malacca to Penang Island...

No flight at that point of time. Got money, cannot fly. Got bus, but we don't want. Take taxi home, I no money. Take the train lor... but no ETS, just the old slow train. I like train rides leh... When the connection from Singapore to China is ready, I will take that train ride also. 
We left earlier and took a bus to Melaka Sentral. Public buses in Malaysia do not have a fix time. This is not Australia. So, you will have to be earlier by many hours so that you won't miss any of your connecting rides. If you're running late, then you can stand at the bus stop and kneel down and pray for miracles to happen. Like the bus will appear in front of your eyes once you say AMEN~!
From Melaka Sentral, we took another bus that dropped us somewhere out of nowhere so that we could walk a distance to Pulau Sebang Train Station. We arrived early and there was no one at the station. Why nobody likes train ride meh? No shops or stalls to walk see walk see at the train station. This is not Taiwan. This is Malacca. Haih... I changed seats as I wish. Bored with this chair, then change to another chair, then change again. Photos taken until no other place to take photos.
Finally when our train was approaching, we went downstairs. I've booked a first class coach with more comfortable seats. Quite full the train but not as full as those trains in India where you can see people hanging all over the train until the train topple on its side. It was a long ride. There's a cafeteria at one of the carriages. Nobody interested with the food because it's expensive but still cheaper than food in a flight.
It was a long journey because it was a slow train. I shall not waste time on such long journey. I managed to finish reading a whole book - Chin Up! Finally, we were in Kuala Lumpur. Look at those Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower. Then, it was a slow chug chug all the way to Butterworth. When we arrived, the moon was out already.
We had to walk to the jetty and take the ferry to cross over to the island. The cousin was waiting to pick us up. The ferry was another long wait as it was night time so there were fewer trips made. The cousin waited very long for us and she thought we took the ferry up to Phuket already. Aiyoyo... she has such profound sense of humour. 

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