Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Malacca City Stop #2: The Malacca Fort...

Fort Cornwallis built by Francis Light was bigger. Okay, I shouldn't compare as they were both built in different years and built by different people. The one in Malacca was built by the Portuguese. They thought Malacca has all the spices but Malacca was actually an empty shell. It was just a pit stop for traders from all over the world to trade their wares. 
When one says that it's good to visit the historical sites to understand more about history of the area, I had no historical information appearing from my head. I read about how the Portuguese attacked Malacca until the Sultan had to retreat all the way to Johor from the textbooks and revision books during my schooling years. After memorizing the historical facts word for word, I could still remember them until now. But at that point of time, I was just having fun taking photos of old ruins. And I don't bother reading the small print under the hot sun until I looked through these photos, two years later.

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