Saturday, September 10, 2016

Day 32: Finally Home and Done~!

~14th April 2014~
Finally, I'm done with the month-long trip photos. I still have other trips to look through but I'm being hurried for the 2016 photos. I just wanted to clear off the hard disc to give it a breather before I load more photos into it.
Shenzhen International Airport has been totally upgraded. It was so beautiful and it was at the second stop of the MRT but father drove us there because we might be confused with the new traffic system. The subway does not go directly to the airport anymore. Will talk about this when I'm doing the 2016 photos. 
It was so good to be home in Malaysian soil. I made the immigration officers wished me 'Selamat Pulang' instead of 'Selamat Datang'. While waiting for the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, I had to have my nasi lemak fix. Usually two to three days before coming home, I would be home sick. I craved for Malaysian food and no matter how pricey the nasi lemak would be, I would be more than willing to pay.
Home is where the heart is. Babitto was waiting at home and the hubby has prepared koay teow th'ng, another of my favourite. They said koay teow th'ng is food sick people and yeah, I'm homesick so it's meant to be for me.

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