Sunday, September 11, 2016

JB Food Hunt: Absolute Thai in JPO...

No, I didn't Google and search for places to eat. I go where my feet took me to. There were a few restaurants at Johor Premium Outlet but my feet stop at Absolute Thai. Again, I was late two years in putting up this post. 
The menu two years ago...

I was enticed by the pineapple fried rice and I just wanted something hot and spicy. The pineapple fried rice came as a huge disappointment. It was served on a plate instead of in a halved pineapple. They ran out of pineapple yet they did not inform me. I thought Johor produced pineapples. The taste was good but I just wanted the pineapple.
We ordered some double-boiled soup if I wasn't mistaken. Since that day, I came home and made double-boiled soup. I love soup being double-boiled, it's not the same as slow boiling in a pot. 
You should check out Absolute Thai's website. I just checked it out and I was really impressed with the website.  

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