Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Day 30: Free and Easy in Shunde...

~ 12th April 2014~
After our heavy breakfast, first aunt dropped us home and she went furniture shopping with her best friend. First uncle was busy at the factory and we had a day to ourselves. We walked to the nearest park just across the road. It's Shunfengshan Park (顺峰山公园) where most residents find their way to gather there in the morning, evening and night. 
At night, the crowd for line-dancing would swell to more than 200 people. There were children skating, cycling, flying kites and lots more. It was a really happening place in China's parks - big or small. Second aunt has abandoned the line-dancing group and started her own Latin dance group outside her house. She would have radio blasting through the night and I think that was what the youngsters in China were complaining about having to endure the loud music from the oldies. Get a life, youngsters~! 
Instead of walking around the park, we rented a bicycle. It was suppose to be bike-for-three but I was the only who could cycle and mi madre and Pinky couldn't find their centre of gravity while on two wheels. But mi madre has motorcycle license... odd right? I couldn't balance two passengers who couldn't cycle behind me so we ended up with bicycle-for-two. I took Pinky for a big ride and we stopped for sugarcane juice along the way. Then, I parked Pinky in one of the coffee house and went to fetch mi madre. It was a good exercise.
We then walked to Aeon and looks like Aeon are for those rich people to shop around. I couldn't afford anything except for the bag that Pinky bought for me as my belated birthday gift. I'm using the bag until now. I like the gigantic zipper.
The main reason we went to Aeon was because of the Starbucks. Pinky wanted to try the matcha frappucino. We're both not coffee lovers but she just wanted to try it so I had my chocolate drink while mi madre had something else. Couldn't remember what it was. Couldn't even remember the taste.
First uncle called us to go home for dinner. Dinner was at home, prepared by first aunt and first sister-in-law. 
After dinner, we went out for supper. It was my favourite dessert place again but this time round, I had my double-skin milk topped with chocolate sauce while the others have theirs topped with red bean and something odd. We got a few other items on the list but don't disturb me, I only want my double-skin milk COLD!

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