Saturday, September 10, 2016

Landed in Johor Bahru...

~11th June 2014~
Another holiday trip in 2014 but a short one... short but memorable. This trip was with the hubby and mi madre. The three of us ventured down south of the Peninsular. Simply just booked a flight to Johor Bahru. I made some plans but since there were not that many days off for the hubby, it was just a one day trip in Johor Bahru.
We stayed at Warm Blanket... not a hotel, more like a hostel but a clean and comfortable one BUT with a common bathroom. I'm not willing to spend on hotels since only the luggage will spend more time there. My luggage sleeps standing, so don't need any big comfortable space.
Upon landing, MPH had a sale there. I like all kinds of book sales unless they are selling books written in foreign language that I could not understand. Anyway, Johor Bahru was really hot. The sun seemed to be nearer in Johor Bahru...

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