Thursday, September 22, 2016

Why I Want A Yikebike...

I first saw the YikeBike in Malacca and we got to know the owner who is also the one who brought in YikeBike in Malaysia. If I got the information correctly. I tried on the YikeBike and I should say, I'm good in keeping my balance, so I have no problem going on a YikeBike, just need more practice to zoom around.
Unfortunately, I did not purchase one. I am quite a 'homely' person. I even built up my own home gym so that I do not have to get out of the house. There are three bicycles sleeping at the porch. I want a YikeBike because it is cool to own one. I will want to ride it to the LRT station outside the house. But there's no LRT station outside the house because the schools protested against the idea of constructing one outside the main road. Why they never do a survey with me? I would have given the green light without much thought. Go ahead, build one... those who protested the loudest might be complaining about why no LRT station in front of schools for the children't convenient. 
I will want to own a YikeBike because I am lazy to walk. I prefer going on wheels. I can skate but I don't know what happen to the rollerblades. 

I want a YikeBike because I want it la... 

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