Thursday, September 22, 2016

Jonker Walk Stop #3: Bibik House...

Funny name. Bibik means helper but this is not a house where you find helpers. This house helps you with go through your cravings for nyonya snacks. I smell the aroma of pineapple tarts from a far but the word 'cendol' was such a turn off. I do not like the coconut milk cold bowl with green worms. They are not green worms, don't be such a fool. 
The pineapple tarts smell so great that we landed there as our breakfast place. The nyonya savoury dumpling was really good but the blue of bunga telang, was too blue to be natural. I have bunga telang in my garden. 
We didn't buy any pineapple tarts because mi madre makes perfect pineapple tarts. I just want to be 'in' the aroma. I got my packet of fish satay. Whatever brand it may be, as long as it's satay fish, I like~! You can buy buy buy from the shop.

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