Sunday, September 18, 2016

Johor Bahru in One Day...

~ Legoland ~
It was impossible to do Legoland in one day. Yeah, I lied to you. But we did end up at the main entrance and we were contemplating whether to proceed at the ticket counter. The heat was the killer and the fact that we visited huge theme parks in China a few months prior to this trip, thus we were not interested in any theme parks. Three of our age add up would be more than a hundred years old. Thus, we just took a few pictures from the main entrance. We have in our hands 20% discounts for tickets and I just gave it to someone lining up at the ticket counter. Then, we left.
~ Johor Premium Outlet ~
This was another mistake that we made. We were not shoppers and we have no interest in getting branded items. The layout of this shopping outlet was exactly like what I had experienced in Melbourne. Just individual shops but the greatest difference was the heat. It was extremely hot and the ceiling blowing from the ceiling worsen the situation. But at least I got my Ferrero Nutella from one of the chocolate shops. We did some shopping but even if I have a stack of cash in hand, I will know use it for shopping. Public transport was scarce two years back, I don't know about now. We missed the only bus that would take us to town by merely 5 minutes. The next bus would be another 3 hours. 
~ Danga Bay ~
Eerrrr.... two years back, there was nothing there except for boats which I do not own. There's one with Daulat Tuanku, so most probably the ruler of the state owned the boats. I wouldn't dream about owning a boat because I know nothing about boats. Since there was nothing to do there, we walked further down to Country Garden. 
~ Country Garden in Danga Bay ~
Two years back, according to our opinion, it was a place worth visiting, unlike what some locals told us. The locals told us there was nothing but I found it to be the most interesting place of visit. By now, you should know that I am not the average tourist. I don't do shopping neither do I search before hand places to dine in because I do not believe what paid advertisers wrote. 
~ Puteri Harbour ~
Our last place of visit was the Puteri Harbour. No, we didn't go to Hello Kitty World because we're just not interested with anything related to cats. It was just for night photography and for the mosquitoes to feast on us. That's all for the day...
PS. All of the above happened one day, two years ago...

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