Saturday, September 10, 2016

Day 31: Attending Qing Ming - Chinese All Souls Day...

~13th April 2014~
We were just tagging along. It's either grandma's parent or grandpa's parent? Couldn't get the information right. It was somewhere near Shunde and since everyone was around, everyone just went in two cars. 
The graveyard seemed to be neatly arranged. Actually it was transferred from another place. The original land was already taken and used for development so now just the small tomb. Nobody complained because it's a country for you to take it or leave it, development is more important than your view and opinion.
There were a lot of people bringing roasted pig and more. There were red banners everywhere warning people not to light up the red firework but nobody bothered to read. Most people hang the red firework and fired away.
We sat in one shady corner under a big tree because we were not involved. It was so hot and humid, just like the Malaysian weather. Under normal circumstances, I would have stayed at home. When we were done, we went to my favourite dessert place to cool down.
Dinner was at home and then father drove us back to Shenzhen.

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