Saturday, September 10, 2016

JB Food Hunt: Restoran Huang Kee...

So two years ago, we were in Johor Bahru, searching for breakfast. Our driver dropped us at this place, Restoran Huang Kee. It's famous for it's traditional wanton noodle and beef noodle. What the heck! I grew up eating wanton noodle in Penang and I traveled all the way to Johor Bahru to have wanton noodles for breakfast. I thought I was really out of my mind to do such a thing. Anyway, it's a holiday trip and the stomach was really making too much noise.
Whether it's really famous or not, I'll decide. I'm sorry that I'm two years late in writing this. It is the best wanton noodles. Coming from a Penangnite who loves wanton noodles, I have to say that the standard of wanton noodles have gone down the drain. No doubt Penang is known as a food haven, the quality of food has diminished by the years.
A picture speaks a thousand words. It's really delicious, not because I was hungry. I'm a picky eater. I would rather go hungry than eat something that's not delicious. The wanton was perfectly done and the anchovy soup was perfect to the dot~! If I have the chance and the reason to go to Johor Bahru again, I will go back to Huang Kee Restaurant for a few plates of wanton noodles.

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