Sunday, September 04, 2016

Day 27: Last Quarter of East OCT...

~ 9th April 2014~
This holiday diary is 2.5 years late. There doesn't seem to have enough time to do anything. I can feel time escapes away without me doing anything. Looking through the photos, I could not really remember much. 
There was a hot air balloon somewhere among the bushes. We took the tram ride around the huge park and we refused to hop down until at one point, a few oldies begged us to go down so they could take our places. The French village was really beautiful and modern. There were a few couples taking their wedding photos as there was a wedding dress for rent shop over there. Very smart of them to think of that. 
We enjoyed the tram ride because we were lazy walkers. Our feet were very tired. We have exceeded the 10 000 steps a day quota since we first landed in Hong Kong and made our way to Taiwan. We have actually fulfilled the whole year's quota within a month of our holiday. We saw the rows and rows of beautiful flower garden but because it was just the beginning of spring, the flowers were not in full bloom yet. Those rows of flowers were only beautiful if admired from afar. Once you step off the tram, you just see those flowers standing solo. The beauty was no longer there.
We went down at the Tea Stream Suspension Bridge. Instead of walking from the head of the bridge we walked the other way round. It was as beautiful as Cameron Highlands. No... no... actually the Boh Tea Valley of Cameron Highlands, Malaysia is more beautiful. Sorry, I'm not being bias but just stating a fact here.
We walked on and jumped on the next tram. We were very eager to go home. We had to take a public bus ride for another 2 hours before we reached home. Before that we had to get out of this massive theme park and the only way to get out was to take the tram ride, the train ride and finally the hotel shuttle. While waiting for the train, I busied myself with the camera as there was nothing much to do.
It was quite a nice place to spend for at least two days. Well, we'll only go there once and it's more than enough. We have seen more than enough. 

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