Monday, September 26, 2016

Jonker Stop #7: Melaka River Cruise...

The smell was bad. The first time I was at Jonker with Pinky, Pinky did not want to go on the river cruise because she said it was like taking a boat to cruise in a big drain. Hahahaha.... okay... but the smell was really like the big drain.
This time round, the big drain's smell was not as bad so we decided to take the river cruise. It was a night cruise so no sun above our head. Hehe...
The smell was bad lah with the wind blowing. There was a bridge but I have no idea how to get to the bridge on legs.
We finally saw the monorail line. Never heard of monorail in Melaka right? Why didn't read newspaper? Must always keep yourself updated with current issues but actually this was old news. See that stranded monorail? It has never even make its maiden round and it was deemed unfit to operate. Thanks to the supplier who manufactured a non-working monorail. You ought to just shut down your company. 

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