Thursday, September 22, 2016

Malacca City Stop #9: San Juang at the Portuguese Settlement...

I wanted to explore further instead of just getting stuck around the hot area for tourists. I've decided to go to the Portuguese Settlement for dinner. But if there's no bus after waiting for 30 minutes, we would have dinner at the night market. After less than 30 minutes, the public bus arrived.
We walked until the end of the state. There's where we could see the sea. There was this guy who welcomed us at the parking area and introduced us to his stall. If you search for the best Portuguese food at the settlement, only the name San Pedro would appear. I refused to follow the crowd like killing appetite at Nancy's Kitchen earlier in the afternoon. 
After a few minutes, two other guys came to 'poached' us to their respective stalls. I hate being manipulated in choosing my place for dinner. I walked away from all three men and decided we should take photos first of the sea view. Whichever of the three who acted like proper human, I would have dinner at his stall. San Juang walked away, looking for other customers so I decided to have dinner at San Juang. 
We ordered the devil's everything from the chicken to the parrot fish. Tesco used to sell parrot fish long long time ago but because of the rainbow colour on its body, nobody bought the fish and the fish was removed completely from the list of fish for sale. When I was in China, I saw the parrot fish again but Pinky's mom refused to let me buy because she said the green, purple, shocking pink and blue all over its body might be chemically-infested. When I heard that San Juang has parrot fish, I ordered that immediately. The texture of parrot fish was awesome, way better than stone fish. I could sum up that my best food hunt turned out to be the Portuguese cuisine, not the chicken rice ball and the nyonya cuisine. Chicken rice ball was actually not delicious, sorry to say. I can make comparisons now with the different cuisines. 
San Juang it is... but is it still there at the settlement? Go check it out...
One should put into the itinerary to visit the Portuguese settlement. I think the place has been upgraded with a hotel there as well known as Temasek Hotel. When we were there, the hotel was still under construction. Just take the public bus, you do not need to travel around with the taxi or Uber or whatever-ber..

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