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Day 28: 顺德 (Shunde) - The Real Food Paradise...

~ 10th April 2014~
I kid you not, when I saw Shunde is the real food paradise, it really is. I might forget a little here or there about my holiday trip, but I do remember food. Lip-smacking delicious food, I can remember. Lousy food that makes me spit it out, I can also remember. Those who put cuisines around the world on charts, have they traveled to Shunde, Foshan in Guangdong, China? 
Well, it was my second time to Shunde to enjoy the food. I think the next time I go to Shunde, it's just to visit first uncle and second uncle's family and the rest of the time is used up for eating. We had something light at home in Shenzhen before we went to the bus terminal to get our bus tickets to Shunde. No more high speed train ride as it required online booking months, weeks and days ahead. The first time we took the high speed train, nobody bothered to book them online and we could just walk to the counter to get our first class tickets. We refused to take heavy breakfast because we wanted to prepare our stomach for a many meals in Shunde.
Upon arrival, second aunt picked us up from the bus terminal. We dumped our small luggage in her house and we started hunting for lunch. B-chai has an odd liking for chicken heads. :S The four of us plus one toddler with seven dishes. I ended having the whole chicken to myself as no one else could finish them. We wanted to cancel the last dish as it took quite some time to come but when we put our hands up to call the waitress, the chicken arrived. The chicken was really good~!
After lunch, we went to visit first uncle at his factory. He was so busy but he treated us like his guests of honour. We spent some time chit chatting while having tea. I could not remember how many cups I drank.
Second aunt then picked us up after running some errands and we went to my favourite double-skin milk dessert (双皮奶). It was so good, I could have bowls and bowls of them and I like them cold no matter what the season was. I have cold drinks during winter as well. Old habit. My first time trying the deep-fried buffalo milk but I still prefer my 双皮奶...
Pinky bought her favourite beef tripe from a particular stall since she was young.

When we were done, we went hunting for dinner. In front of second uncle's mansion, there were two rows of restaurants. I think we went to the one which we frequented two years or three, that should be in year 2011? Couldn't remember but I could remember the restaurant and the food.
Porridge came in a large claypot. Last time, when we ordered porridge, it came in a gigantic crock and both Pinky and I ate until we almost cried for help. Dinner was so good.
Fish skin~!
Fish porridge~!
Some snails - shellfish....
I prefer Penang Sar hor fun with thick egg gravy... 

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