Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Day 30: Dim Sum for 5 at Shunde Foshan Park...

~12th April 2014~
Whenever we are back in Shenzhen, I will want to have my dim sum at Indonesia Seafood Restaurant opposite the house. When in Shunde, we will always come to this dim sum restaurant in Foshan Park. The exact name of the restaurant escapes my eyes no matter how many times I visited this place. It must be one of those Chinese words flashing on the LED screen or maybe it's somewhere else or maybe the name of the place is Foshan Park? Haih... no wonder I cannot be food blogger. I don't know the name, don't know the price, don't know the name of the dishes picked, I just know that the food is delicious.
First aunt and her colleague plus best friend brought us this time round. We stayed at first aunt's place. Actually, I still think the dim sum in Indonesia Seafood Restaurant back in Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) is way more delicious than other dim sum places.
Five of us wiped the table clean...

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