Monday, September 19, 2016

Jonker Walk Stop #1: Famosa Chicken Rice Ball..

It's just chicken rice but the rice was shaped when it was still hot. Any difference between the chicken rice in Penang and chicken rice in Singapore? I would say no except that the rice has been shaped!
It's just indulging in local cuisine. Like when you're in Penang, you will automatically look for char koay teow so in Malacca, you will look for chicken rice ball. I couldn't remember which place I dined with Pinky where the chicken was tastier. And since Malacca's Jonker Walk has been given the heritage recognition, the price of everything has shot up.
I wouldn't know what to recommend you to eat, I just know that any businesses where too much praises has been sung, it didn't actually taste as nice as it should.

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