Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Annah Rais Hot Spring

It's my first time to a hot spring. No, my second time. My first time was in Langkawi. This one is more interesting than that in Langkawi. We have to wade through the river to get to the pond. The ground will bubble through the hot water. I like any place with water. I wished I've brought a change of clothes and I'll probably dip myself in the cool water under the scorching sun. Nowadays I get sunburn easily. I heard that they've just built this pond to collect the hot water. The large pond is not hot enough. The water is not hot enough to warm it but the smaller pond further away, oh... wow~! It's like playing with boiling water. Before we reach the pond, we're having so much fun taking photos. Our tour guide is truly a professional photographer so we let him use his photography skills up to the max. I think he enjoys snapping photos more than I do. Ju, nice backside pose... this one is a classic one.The colourful pebbles in the river will give you a free foot massage. It does hurt. Not gonna lie to you about the experience of stream strolling. The last time I did stream strolling was more than 10 years ago when I was in youth camp and we were camping in the jungle of Perak. That time we just walked on rocks to rocks to get to the waterfall. This one is different though. There's no rocks for you to step on. Just get through on the tiny pebbles prickling on the sole of your feet. You'll be okay... just a few minutes of cooling water up to your knee. Finally, we reached the small pond. It's so hot. If any of you are going there, please bring some eggs and a loaf of Gardenia bread. Picnic by the pond. You can have egg sandwiches in no time. We're playing with boiling water with a strong smell of sulphur. We're as cooked as lobsters and I can imagine you drop into the pond, you'll end up in the hospital with a horrible burn. Cooked from the inside out. A spider commited suicide. It jumped into the pond and died immediately. It was a horrible death. Such a terrible way to die. Now you believe me how hot the water is?

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