Saturday, February 05, 2011

Dinner IS Superb~!

Yay~! No more steamboat... *phew* Seafood dishes instead. So cool...
I have my curry prawn, stir-fried abalone slices, chilli clams and fish meat. What more can I ask for... I'll reserve the steamboat for next year... urgh... It's not that I don't like steamboat but looking at eat for so many times for lunch and dinner, I lose my appetite to eat. I can't wait to go back to Penang tomorrow. I have so many things to do and places to go when I'm back there. Yippee~! I like it here because I totally have nothing to do here. All that I do can be listed down in a small piece of paper. Eating, chatting online, blogging and going places. I just need to smile my million dollar smile and hearts will melt. Hehehe... I wish I'm still 15 years old.

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