Saturday, February 05, 2011

My Eldest Brother...

Age gap: 10 years. Everyone who see us together will comment that we both look alike. I look like my brother. He likes to hike. I do like to hike provided it is jungle trail and not steps nor tar road. When I hike on steps, I'm very sure I can hear my heart pounding in my ears. My brother plays badminton once a week as well. My brother has his vices. He loves to drink and smoke. He's not like that last time. I don't like people who smoke and drink but he's my eldest brother, so let him be. His other hobby is sleeping. He's so terrible. He actually sleeps wherever he feels like, not even bothered whose house or in whose bed. Fantastic~! He wouldn't even drive me around coz' the weather was too hot. He prefers sleeping with the air-condition and fan on. He likes prawns as much as I do. We both have expensive taste buds. Whatever we don't like to eat and if it's not up to our standard, we say it out loud and clear. He's a TV addict. I'm a movie addict. I think that's the best I know about my own brother. Character wise, same as eldest sister. Bad-tempered and everything.

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