Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Three Judith(s)...

Finally... finally... I've been waiting for so long to have this photo. The photo of all of us together with the same name. It's so hard to meet up at the same time due to work commitment. Today is a special day indeed. We make time to do lunch together somewhere near Juju's work place so that she doesn't have to travel far. Hhhmmm.... we're all BEAUTIFUL~! Haha... I love all our pics together. I hope we can have more pics together in future in somewhere else instead of having the food stalls as the backdrop of the photos. Introducing from left to right: Judith Y. , Judith C. , and Judith L. so we're J.Y. , J.C. , and J.L. I love them both very much. They're both my bestest friends. Irreplacable~!!! I thank God for giving me such great pals. Thank God for creating such wonderful people in this world when the world is decaying away. We have a thing for photography and if you're able to see what's in front of us... yeah... FOOD~!! Just love all the food... everything that's delicious whether they're good food or food that's sinful but tasty... I'm so happy... I spend most of my free time with either one of them. They're such great companion. They're such awesome friends that help you learn the true meaning of friendship. Seriously... all the friends that you have, you'll never know who are your true friends until all of us are put to test... a test from God and He alone is able to sieve through every soul and make you realize who stands firm beside you when you're face with trials and tribulations.


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