Saturday, February 05, 2011

Swimming... Anyone?

I've packed my swim suit along with me to this part of northern jungle. I was expecting someone or anyone to accompany to The Carnival in Cinta Sayang Resort. Sad to say, nobody wanted to go there. Not even a single soul wanted to leave the house as the sun was scorching hot. Thus, I was stuck in this room with my lappie for the whole afternoon and now, it's already nite time and I'm still blogging away. Suddenly, sister-in-law opened the room door and asked me whether I wanted to go for a swim. I imediately jumped to that invitation and to my dismay... that's some kind of a swimming pool... it's only ankle deep. A hippo like me just need to jump and then all water will splash out and it will be a dry pool. *sigh* What a huge disappointment. And the water was warm. I would rather stand under the shower for an hour than dip myself inside that baby pool.

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