Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Sleeper's Satisfaction...

Sleeping on a bed of roses and flowers I know not of their names. I've never have anyone give me bedsheet as a Christmas pressie. I've never imagine taking bedsheet as a Christmas pressie. Find it surprising and simply wonderful instead of the usual photo frames and keychains. This kinda special gifts can come only from the creative and innovative and spectacular friend. It's from you Judz~! Recognize that? I have my big head dog do some inspection. Sniffing around searching for unwanted gadgets hidden among the flowers. Maybe you have some recording bugs stitched neatly in between the fine thread count. The sniffing took some time as the dog has to sniff in between all the flowers and under the leaves. Finally, it is certified clean and free from any sorts of bugs. The cock-eyed cow wanted to graze on some fresh grass. To its disappointment, there's not even a single leaf of grass to eat for supper. The cow became upset then chose to sit on the flowers. I can't force the cow to eat the flowers. It's against the grain of nature to make a cow eat flowers. The cow sat on the flowers then decided to leave some cow dung as a token of thank you in a sarcastic way. What was meant to be bad turned into something great. The fresh dung became somewhat a fabulous fertilizer for the roses and out of the red, a huge strawberry grew. It's so big it will take forever to finish. The gigantic strawberry is so soft that I made it into my pillow. A pink rabbit scratched its way out of the burrow. It's so happy to be surrounded with beautiful and heavily scented roses. The rabbit lay still to enjoy the softness of the roses spread. Finally, the mistress of the bed take over the bed. I've never slept on such comfortable bedsheet. It's crazy enough to blog about bedsheet but the fine thread count really makes it wonderful. Now I know why people will spend RM700 on bedsheet. I'll have to upgrade all my bedsheet after this.

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