Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Why I Like Blogging~!!

I like blogging because I like to write. And I'm really pissed off when I said I'm busy writing and blogging away and yet I'm not given the peace to do so freely. I don't expect anybody to read my blog when I write. I blog because it's something I like to do. Do you expect something from others when you do something? You're gravely wrong to think that I'm crazy always blogging day and nite. When I write, I'm happy with myself. This is my space to write everything that I like, to vent my frustration and I love having my fingers dancing on the keyboard. And there are times I don't feel like talking because I don't wanna talk. I just wanna write. Is it so hard to understand? Thank God for the Risperidone or else I would have scream until your head went vanishing into thin air. Now don't cross the border of friendship. I DO NOT LIKE TO BE CONTROLLED and I will never bow down to anyone's request. When I'm nice, I'm nice... but don't try to step into my space too much.

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