Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jesus Is My Best Friend...

I have proudly introduced my best friends. Now, the best of the best of my friends is Jesus~! For the time being, I will stop all my personal posts and I would like to share with you who is this best friend of mine. He can be your best friend, too. A friend who is far more better than any other earthly friend. And He's my Saviour, my refuge and my fortress. He's my strong tower. In Him I put my trust and I shall keep my eyes focus on Him and Him alone.

I'm proud to say that Jesus is my best friend. Get to know Him better :) I would really love to share with everyone about His life history... everything about Him. Come back here more often to get to know Him. He knows what's in your heart before you can even open your mouth to voice out what's in your heart. Everything whispered in closed doors will be shared out loud through the rooftop. There's nowhere to hide from Him but He is a gentle friend who will woo you out from your hiding place. Experience life with Him and you'll find that your life is never the same again. You'll have a changed and transformed life, throwing away your oldself and putting on your newself. Everything about your life will be in order. There's nothing to worry about when you cast all your cares upon Him. Which friend of yours can do that for you?

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