Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Feel Good~

I feel good~ I feel really good. It's super great to be able to wear back my clothes even when the weight refuse to decrease. Worked for less than 4 hours even though it's a public holiday on Tuesday. Then, I have the rest of the day planned out one day before. The fantabulous Singapore movie, "Homecoming" started at 5:45 p.m. so we had a few hours to roam around the place. I'm not made for window shopping. I find it rather boring to windowshop. Toy'R'us... I have most of the board games at home already. The plush toys... not a wide range of selection to be found there. I hugged, pressed and pinched almost whatever's that's there. No new toys at the moment. So, went off to other shops... kinda bored with the clothes, shoes and shoes and bags and clothes again and shoes and blink blink undergarments. Who's gonna see all those blinks when you're wearing it inside? Ahhh.... Iora... I bought everything from Iora when I was in Singapore. Makes me feel like packing my bag and go to Singapore just to shop until I drop. With the conversion rate, I'll drop pretty fast... sales... I'm waiting for sales... It's high time I change my spectacles. I want the half-framed specs... but want it either in red or pink. Spectacles don't come cheap, by the time I have it done with the lens and coating it will cost around RM1k. Hehe... shades... never have any before because it causes my eyes to be teary. Just trying it out for fun... all of us wear specs... just realize that. Muahahaha.... I can only laugh... dunno what to say about this... OOoooOOooooOO... great temptation. I feel like eating an abalone. A 10 head abalone flown in from Australia but that cost RM238. Since it's so expensive, I just lick the abalone from the brochure. Yummy....~! Delicious~! Can even imagine the taste of the gravy. Dinner was in Gurney Drive. There was a storm brewing when we reached the place. So many stalls but I didn't even bother to look for my food. I have my bunny to order for me. The wind was blowing so hard that we have to hold our bowls and plates just in case it got flown away. Hold it well... it's gonna fly anytime soon. Good experience eating in a brewing storm. I have a great time with all of you. And I'm starting to really enjoy and look forward to holidays no doubt it's only for a day. Next holiday will be in March... but I'll be working... will squeeze in some time to do some crazy stuff.

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