Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fighting Addiction...

The greatest enemy is myself. This is the fourth day of my own cold turkey treatment against my addiction towards Facebook, the Internet and computer. It is not an easy task to get away from something which I hooked myself into. It is not possible to cut off completely everything at one go. I have to say it's a good start. From 7 hours, I have reduced my online time to one hour. My Facebook account feels rather dead now compared to how actively I've been earlier. Yesterday, I have more free time. When I started clicking it looked like I can't stop at and it would take me hours before I stop thus, I made a decision to shut down the computer. I was then left starting at my black computer screen. I missed the blinking cursor. A book was ready waiting for me on the bed. I was quite lost without my computer. It seems that I have more time in hand which I do not know how to put to good use. Halfway reading, my mind wander to other places. I was thinking about things to do outside the house. I can't stand the sight of the computer yet I'm refraining and restraining myself from touching it. I am greatly tempted to upload more photos yet at the same time, I know that if I start doing that, I will never get away from gluing myself to the computer. I took out my collection of cross-stitch charts. There's one large masterpiece that will take me more than 6 months to stitch. I was thinking maybe I should start one to kill time. It will look something like the picture above just that's it's more beautiful. I am looking at a 9 pages stitch. If one page takes me one month, that will take me 9 months. Then, I have to consider my problem of concentrating on something for such a great length of time. Why does everything seem to be so difficult? Isn't there an easy way out? I've found something to do on my Thursday mornings. Gracie will accompany to go for a jog every Thursday. It's so sweet of her. If I don't find things to do, I will end up feeling tortured as usually I'll be stuck in the computer for hours and hours from morning to afternoon chatting away. I do miss chatting. It's a bold stop to click the status to offline. Every minute I'm tempted to click it on just to see who's around and whether my usual chat pals are there. What has become of me? I'm so lifeless without my virtual life. *sigh* I have been doing some pretty serious reading. Getting to know God from a different perspective. There are many things to learn and re-learn from it. I'm just glad that pick up the Bible again or else I'll surely be doomed and heading nowhere. A lost sheep.

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