Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Fifth Purr From Meowland...

Now finally I realize why the cleaning lady at the hotel was so nice as in to fold my dirty clothes. I don't hang my clothes when I'm on holiday. Everything is strewn all over the floor. It's the same as at home. I'm not a neat and tidy person. As long as I can find them whenever I want then it's okay. I don't do my own laundry as well. The real reason why the cleaning lady was so nice was because she threw away something that's mine~!!!!!!!I brought that can back as souvenir. You can't find Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer in Penang. Hate her so much~!! Don't simply touch my things!! If I want to throw anything, I would have done so earlier. I was so angry and frustrated I felt like smashing everything in the room. Since I can't go on a smashing spree, I went jumping on the bed.That's to vent out my frustration and anger. Hate it so much!! Never throw my things away or I'll bash you up like a pulp with my bare hands. *Pfft~!!* I walked all the way to the Sarawak National Museum. My foot 10 minutes only... it's a freaking 30 minutes walk. Never believe people from Sarawak. Whenever they tell you near, it's far. When they say it's far, better take heed of that. Far means extremely far. There's no such thing as a 10 minutes walk. By the time I finished with my museum walk and got back to the hotel, I chased the hotel people around the lobby. He practically ran away when he saw me storming in. It was quite funny actually. I bought quite a lot of stuff home this time round. Usually when I go for hols, I only buy things for myself. This time round I bought for others. I enjoy buying stuff... hhmmm... giving is better than receiving. A kiss to Kuching... will be going back again... hopefully... I'm marking other places for my next holiday~!!!!

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