Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Fourth Purr From Meowland...

My fourth day in Kuching was totally awesome. I was left alone to roam the place. I've planned for a few places that I must take a look at. I got a fair bargain until somebody tried to wreck my plan. Hey, majority doesn't win. Your whole family stepped into my plan and tried to make it yours, so I distance myself and continue with my plan. This is the very reason why I dislike traveling in a group. My first stop was to Sarawak Cultural Village. On the way there, you'll be able to see Gunung Santubong and you can learn about the legend of the princesses. Sorry, no sharing of history stories in this blog. The story is so long I'll have to separate it into another post. Go google for the story okay? Look at the looming dark clouds? And I started to pray for the weather again. God is good and He is gracious, He held the rain until we left on the fifth day. Now, I actually killed a few birds with one stone. I managed to catch a glimpse of the South China Sea. There's nothing to it really thank God I didn't pester people to take me to Damai Beach. The sea was too rough to have any fun in it unless you count drowning yourself in sea water is fun. Just the previous day, we went to the real longhouse. Sarawak Cultural Village showcased all types of longhouses found in Sarawak. There's a cultural performance that you can't miss as well. It starts at 11:30 p.m. if I'm not mistaken. I became a chameleon when I was there. I blended in with the Thai Rotary Club members but I can hardly understand a word of Thai.Met a special friend there. We snapped quite a few photos together. Then, now that we're back home, we have Facebook to get connected. Language is a barrier though. I tried learning Thai Language but I think I've punctured trying to understand the sentence structure and Google translate is not helping either. I'm so sorry, Wit... I just can't grasp Thai Language. Well, Wit... you'll have to learn up English to talk to me then... I can't keep on banging my head against the computer keyboard learning Thai... My next stop... yeah... the Cat Museum. It's totally a different museum. There are cats everywhere. This time round I blended in with the group from Chiang Mai, another group from Thai. The goodness of tagging along is you make new friends, you have photographers for yourself and if you find that you no longer fit into the group as they're walking too fast or too slow, go solo again. I like going solo. It's so nice to walk alone at times. Taking my own sweet time. I took a taxi back but before I went back to the hotel, I went to Satok Weekend Market. It's so large but I don't really like walking in such humid condition. I wanted to head back the moment I reached the place. Bought a pancake for myself as I've missed my lunch due to my eagerness to use my time fully for touring the area. As I've mentioned before, when I'm having fun, meal time is not important to me anymore. I didn't finish the whole place. Don't like it. It's just like any other morning or nite market with more stalls and more people.I walked along the Waterfront and snapped more photos there while walking. To be a tourist, going on foot is better because you see more things by doing so. It was a 45 minutes walk from Satok Weekend Market to the Riverside Majestic Hotel. By the time I reached the hotel, Juju came back from her seminar. Just nice to go to church. I've shared about my experience going to two churches at one go. It's in the previous post with the title 'Spiritual Shock'.

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