Friday, February 25, 2011

Broad Reading...

Humbly, I said,"I never cease to amaze myself." While others may find that I don't read that much being a movie junkie, but I do read. I hardly do any review on the books that I've read. The first trilogy I've ever read was written by Stieg Larsson. I'm afraid I'll never have the chance to read his stories anymore as he passed away before these books were even published. The millenium edition has created such a wonderful piece with a mind-blowing storyline. These three books will capture you in a state of wonderment and you'll be transported to Sweden. The books are such page-turners that it's so hard to let go but continue to read till the end. I finished the first book and in less than a few minutes, I was buried in the second book continued by the third book. I may not agree with the social lifestyle portrayed in the book but at the same time, it's a culture that has been described lucidly in the books that makes it sound like it's a norm in Sweden. Those books are just fictions of the author. Don't take everything seriously when you're reading fictional stories, it will corrupt your mind.On the other hand, this writing by Philip Yancey is the one which makes me take a U-turn in my life. It has taught me so much and touched the very core of my heart. I'm greatly moved and would like to make a positive yet drastic change in my life. It's a good book that ought to be read. Have you ever heard of SADD? Spiritual Attention Deficit Disorder. The way John Ortberg writes, I think he's able to describe a lot of us in such a way that we have nowhere to hide. I do have Spiritual Attention Deficit Disorder. When I pray, my mind wander off to other places. I can start saying a prayer in the morning and my Amen will come later in the afternoon when I remember where I've left off. God must have felt so left out when I started a conversation with Him and left Him so abruptly to entertain my own thoughts. It's just like you're talking to someone and suddenly that person walk away without saying anything to you. How much it hurts to do that. And I've hurt God in so many ways I'll make sure my mind doesn't wander off again when I'm talking to Him.

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