Thursday, February 17, 2011

Over the Hilltop~!

‎"Just when you think you have done enough for the day, its another new day for more things to do. Keep going." Yay~! My donkey is so smart to contribute to such useful statement. Fancy jumping over Penang Island? The view is spectacular with clear blue sky, cooling air and canopy trees to give you the shade from the bright sunshine. No scorching heat walking in the jungle. Even from afar, you can hear the honking of vehicles down below and the roaring of engines of the buses. Thank God you can't smell the fumes but instead, when you almost reach level 3, a waft of the burning incense will greet you. Now... now... forget about those smell, the smell of fresh air and red earth might probably cover those unpleasant smell. There's dog poo along the way too. So keep your eyes open.Remember I said I'll strike hiking off my list of activities to do? Steps are torturous. I like jungle trails and I found it in Youth Park. There are so many hikers moving up and down the trails. You won't get lost in this little jungle. I like it very much and will be doing it every weekend unless if it rains. If it rains then I'll be hiding in the cinema. Less time at home means less time online. A good way to curb my Internet addiction. I have my bunny to accompany me to do this over the weekend. I have two Judiths and Gracie to accompany me as well. Great friends they are. I'll never trade them for anybody or anything else. Look at the carpet of lush greenery. The chicadas will orchestrate the atmosphere. How is it that there are people who do not like nature? I love it to bits. Like the natural green of the leaves and plants. Admire the way the plants curl and grow. Enjoy the movement of the twigs and branches when the wind blow. It's like seeing the plants praising the Creator. Bowing low, humbling themselves before the Lord. That's how different I see things. The sensation of reaching the peak... it gives such sense of euphoria that no chocolates can satisfy you enough. It's a sense of victory. All the panting and puffing, hearing your heart pounding in your ears and feeling your leg muscles hardened, make you feel that you've done something great. Such feeling that is beyond comprehension. No words can really describe how it feels like to conquer a hill, let alone a mountain. Mount Kinabalu... I will consider and reconsider and consider again. Hiking is still not a passion in me. It's just something that I find that I like it.

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