Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Sarawak Cultural Village...

When you go to Kuching, it's a MUST to go to the Cultural Village. It's RM60 per person. Expensive? Please think of the cost of maintenance. It's not cheap to maintain the place. People need to be paid. Just go and enjoy yourself there. You'll get to see all sorts of longhouses. There are cool stuff there as well. You'll be given a passport. Get it stamped at each longhouse. I stamped my own passport when there's no one manning the stall. I'll show you the different longhouses from Bidayuh to Iban to the Penan Hut, Orang-Ulu's shelter and also rumah Melayu and the crazy stuff that I did there.
I have something to say about the Penan people. They're not as fortunate as the others. I know my church has missionaries going over there and the church is supporting them. The Penans are the simplest people and they have only the basic things to depend on. Trying to make ends meet is rather difficult. I hope it will move your hearts to give them generously. Malaysian Ringgit is not much compared to the British Sterling Pound and American Dollar. Please bless them with what you have. Check through your churches or go through SIB (Sidang Injil Borneo). I think you can contact my church as well FGA Penang. Google for the contacts. Can you see the word Penan Hut? They only have huts as shelters. Not even a longhouse or a wooden house.That's the temporary tattoo that I got myself at Orang-Ulu's house. Please don't follow after me. I regretted doing it. I can be really crazy at a point of time. You can't have yourself tattoed without knowing the meaning of the craft. At one point I was glad I have that so that God wouldn't recognize me when I was at the mass. But I regretted it when I went to Emmanuel Gospel Church. Never tattoo your body. For it is written...
Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.
[Leviticus 19:28]
The indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak do not have a choice but to tattoo themselves in the olden days because of headhunters. The tattoos on their bodies will make it easier for them to be recognize without their heads. To have tattoo as bodyart is completely wrong. Hey, no point getting angry over this issue if I've touched your raw nerve. Have you forgotten that this is my blog? And I have all my rights to write an article here? Keep your cool... I tried blowpipe shooting and I'm very accurate in doing that. I can do this better than using a bow and an arrow. And I really like this. One soft blow and the arrow went flying at high speed and plonk... if there's anyone standing in front of me with a blowpipe, I think I'll shoot right through the heart. The view from the Orang-Ulu house is really beautiful. Just love the view. Looks magical.Let's head to the Chinese House. One thing I don't like in the chinese house is the altar for prayers. Why must Chinese be seen as an idol worshipper? I won't even snap a photo of that as I'm afraid it might defile my camera. So, instead Wit took a snapshot of me as a labourer. Grab that hat from the wall. I have more photos in my Facebook album. Around 80 of them if I'm not mistaken. The cultural performance is totally worth it. The cultural dances with their traditional costumes. Choose the middle seat so that you can have a clearer view. I really enjoyed myself there seeing most things for the first time. An eye-opener to other culture.

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