Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Cat Museum..

Hohoho~! What do you expect to see in a Cat Museum? Historical artefacts? If you need historical artefacts, head down to the Sarawak National Musuem. It's free of charge except for one building where you have to pay RM4 and I regretted doing so. Cat Musuem is free but you'll have to pay for your camera. Since I paid for my camera so I make full use of it. There are of course cats on your left and right, front and back, in glass cabinets. For display only. Nothing fluffy. I don't think I will like touching them as well. Nice looking cats. I don't like cats. I love dogs.
My favourite cat is Garfield. That's the only cat that I like. It's the laziest cat. If there's Odie on sale, I would probably buy one or two Odie. One to be put in the bed and one to be shove into the cupboard which is filled with all sorts of animals including a Donkey. I bought 6 t-shirts of cats and Kuching. It's so cheap only RM6 for one. They're really cute... Don't get the shirts from the weekend market. The quality is bad. Get it from the Cat Musuem the difference is only RM1. Nothing to lose...

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