Saturday, February 05, 2011

House-hopping and Leaping Away...

It's the second day of Chinese New Year. Instead of waiting for my body to grow mushroom and my brain to grow fungus, I decided to follow my brother and sister-in-law back to their place in Gurun. It was my second time there as the first time was like 10 years ago when they got married. I walked into the house just in time to start lunch and to my horror my eyes set upon this... Not again~!! Steamboat~!! And I thought SIL said not gonna eat steamboat. Thank God there's another table. The main dining table. Save by other dishes. There's chicken meat with different flavours. They're really tasty. There's pork legs as well. Ate a little bit of rice as I've not been eating lunch since yesterday. Not that I'm going to go hungry without eating rice. I did take some meatballs from the steamboat. The mock crab meat is really good, too. Mock squids are swimming around in large chunks. What a mockery to such great food in the market. We can simply get the original stuff yet we prefer to get all the fake ones in cans.After lunch, we went house-hopping. We went from one house to another bringing oranges and exchanging oranges. There's one aunt who didn't return us our oranges and thank God SIL brought extra oranges or else we will not have enough oranges to go house-hopping. The final result of my house-hopping is more red packets with cash in it. Isn't that wonderful? I wish people will give red packets during Christmas :) But receiving pressies are nice too. Great surprises to unwrap. It runs in the blood. I do things spontaneous. My eldest sister is also like that. All of us are like that. That's why we're called a family. All of a sudden, we were planning to go up to Gunung Jerai. There's no English name for Gunung Jerai. In 10 minutes time, we reached the foothill and in no time at all, we got ourselves a van with a driver to drive us up to the peak. I'm not gonna do any hiking as it's already in the late afternoon. Furthermore, I don't have my hiking shoes with me. There are 19 very sharp bends that we have to make before reaching the top of Gunung Jerai. Those are really sharp bends and you have to honk extra loud and long so that drivers from the other side will have enough time to slow down. It's a 25 minutes drive up to the peak. All the lush greenery. The place is different from the last time that I went up. I couldn't find all the beautiful and colourful flowers anymore. I think the last time when I was up there, I was about 7 years old. Hahaha.... that was 20 years ago. The holiday bungalows are so beautiful. I have mostly photos of our beautiful self with the awesome surrounding. We're busy snapping photos for more than an hour. Such interesting photo craze family members that I have. Love them to bits. We went back to more food for dinner. A spread of buffet dinner but I only ate satay. The rest of the food, I'm not interested at all. There's laksa, fried rice, fried bee hoon, cakes, sweet and sour fish, nuggets and ice kacang. Ugh~! I actually don't feel like eating. I'm not even hungry. I'm tired of eating.

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