Saturday, February 05, 2011

The World of Technology...

When I was a kid, Chinese New Year was the best time ever. I played with my cousins outside the house, in the house and every where around. Running and screaming and talking and laughing until the white t-shirt turned black and the hair was wet with sweat. It's like soaking yourself in a tub of water just that the water was salty. It was such a wonderful time. Being the youngest, I enjoyed everything the most. I'm pampered and dotted by everyone. I learnt how to gamble when I was still small. We would be betting using coins starting from 10 cents. I stopped gambling and until now I've not gambled. I can't remember how to play most of the card games as well. Things are different now. The kids have so many things to play with. There's iPad for them with so many games. Even I'm attracted to Angry Birds. I wanted an iPad myself but I'll be so hooked on the games that I will not work whole heartedly. That's my weakness. Once I have something fun in my hands, I'll dump everything that's important and keep them out of my way. Then what about iPhone? I also want that, but I have weight the pros and cons. I have more cons than pros. I'll be online 24 hours a day even when I'm in the toilet. I'll be snapping photos every single minute as I can upload it straight away without my card reader. In conclusion, it's best that I don't get any of these hi-tech stuff.

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