Monday, February 07, 2011

Expected... What Else?

I finally stepped onto the weighing scale. Not surprising. I kinda expected the needle to deflect to the right. I put on a whole lump of 10kg. Fantastic... just great. That's the result of having all the good food and having no control over my own diet. I collected 10kg in two months... wow~! I feel like a pig stuck in an elephant's body trapped in a whale wrapped in a human skin. I've just sweat myself silly in the gym. Can I remove that extra 10kg within 2 months? I'm so gone case this time. I have to get back to my size to fill into my two wardrobe full of clothes. I can't just get a bigger size of clothing. It's not right doing so. I feel like Yogi eating everything from the stolen picnic basket. Go on crash diet? Oh, no... please no I don't think I can do that. I'll work extra hard in gym, go jogging on Saturdays, play more rounds in the badminton court and I should do something to fill up my Thursday morning instead of sleeping the whole morning away. Hiking? NO way I'm gonna hike alone. Stop eating.... stop eating... just keep to breakfast and lunch as usual. No dinner. Definitely no supper. Sleep earlier. Cabbage soup diet? I'll vomit cabbage by the third day or I might turn into a cabbage myself. Round enough to be one. What have I put myself into? *sigh* And I just had A&W yesterday... And I think it's time to say goodbye to my favourite roast duck. *Yum yum yum* Two months... let's see how things work out. And my sweet barbecue pork and roasted pork. Oh, well... all these I can live without. There's no more holidays until middle of March. My next trip away will be in June. I will survive this ordeal. I will read more and start stitching another masterpiece.

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