Friday, February 25, 2011

God Is Good... All The Time...

For many years... yes, years... not months or days but years... I've been complaining that I'll never be able to have friends who can fit into my crazy work schedule. Anybody who holds an office job, probably I won't be able to meet any of them as my working hours are the total opposite. God is so gracious, after hearing my deep lamentation and my ear-buzzing complain for so many years, He found me not only one friend but two. My life is made whole with them by my side. It's as sweet as the mango frozen yoghurt with the chocolate heart to add on to the sweetness. They've coloured my life like how the sprinkles give out vibrant colours to the plain yoghurt. The three of us look like ladies of leisure. We can be seen strolling away at parks on a weekday morning. Having dim sum for breakfast when others are scrutinizing words on the computer screens or getting ready to attend meetings after meetings. The only meeting we have is meeting up with each other. The most important agenda on our list is either to the movies or where to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sometimes our to-do-list is to look for a place so beautiful that we will forget for awhile that we're still in this small little island. Juju is the special one. We squeeze in our meets up in between her lunch time. That's making time for friends. I think Gracie will have to change her name so that she can join our Judith Club... I'm happy to the max... planning for overseas trip... next year maybe... I have to slow down and take a rest from going for holidays.

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