Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year~!!

What a good way to start a brand new day. I woke up and switched on my lappie and started blogging away. I like what I'm doing and I do have things to say. My bunny accompanied me while I was blogging. As I've said I came well-prepared, I seriously am. I brought my book as well but I was too distracted to read it. The lighting in the room was too bright it was piercing through my eyes. As I have sensitive eyes, it hurts too much to continue reading. Thus, I closed the book and left the room. Went downstairs to search for food. Had a cup of Milo and two pieces of dunno-wat cake. I was patiently waiting for someone. Called but the mobile phone has been switched off.... hhmmm... must be snoring away still. I went online again while waiting... it's the best way to kill time. Then, suddenly... she came with the whole family. Ta da~! My favourite niece. Everything that used to be common is diminishing really fast. Before long, she will move her own path and not join us anymore, instead she will be with her cool friends. A decade gap is in between us. So far so good... we'll go on a date together tonite if she doesn't have any sudden plan. The only thing in common between us will be our Casio watch. Mine of course is pink in colour while hers is purple in colour. Hhmmm... look at our time. 4 minutes of difference. We had some appetizer before our lunch begin. That's the glutinous balls in syrup. The balls come in different sizes. If I'm the one making it, then you'll have a hard time swallowing. Maybe it will be stuck in your oesophagus. Not maybe, most probably as I have tried that before many many years ago. Then, the steamboat lunch began. Ingredients... same as yesterday's. More fish maw, meatballs, fish, prawns and crabs. Instead of using the electrical one, we sat on the table with the traditional charcoal steamboat. It's more delicious that way. It tasted different and smelt different. I'm not talking about the smell of the charcoal. It's the aromatic smell of the boiling soup. My niece and I, as usual, the first to be on the table and the last to leave. We didn't have any rice. Just have those good stuff straight from the boiling hot water. If there's nothing else to eat during Chinese New Year, we can definitely survive on meatballs and meatballs alone. We have more than 5... that's only to warm up our stomach. I think that's the only collection for this year. Grandma passed away earlier and it is only after 3 years that the red packets will be widely circulated internally. I'm so bored that I think I'm overusing my lappie...

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