Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A Bird Story...

Last Saturday, I came back from work and I got more than what I bargained for. A noisy house filled with more than 10 people and then a pair of quails in an aquarium with shredded newspapers as their nest. I don't really agree to have quails or any sort of animal in the house. No one asks my permission and everyone thought I agree to put this in the house. Where's my veto power in the house? Gone? I wanted to skin the bird alive and then put them to boil. I have no love for birds. The only animal I will allow in the house is a dog. Just now, my pineapple went into the room and found one of the quails dead. I did not kill the bird. It died on its own and I have no idea how it died. It didn't say. It was covered with red ants and it shrunk. That's a horrible way to die. I'm not even sure which one died. The male or the female? Can't see anything from the bottom. That fella became a lone ranger. I have no feelings for that little bird. I'm not even sad, sorry to say. The dead bird was sent to the funeral parlour. We wanted to hold a procession but did not know who to invite. The owner of the birds, my eldest, will be back in a minute. I don't know how she will react. I will come out with a new house rule. NO PETS IN THE HOUSE~!! The undertaker wrote a beautiful verse from the Psalm for that dead fella. That's from Psalm 23:4. There's a wake service outside the house. Even the master of the bird wasn't attending. I think I'll force them to carry out the funeral service right now~!

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