Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A Durian Story...

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

[Matthew 7:7]
Those two durians, the king of all fruits, came with a story worth sharing. We were driving around when we saw a motorcycle carrying a basket filled with durians stopping by the roadside. We made a U-turn, wanting to buy a few durians. To my horror, the uncle said he wasn't selling any of the durians. The whole basket of durians were meant to be given away to some workers. So, I asked for a durian since he's not going to sell. To my surprise, he said he has no problem giving away but he's just not selling. He handed me one durian and I almost burst in bubbles. He's a total stranger to us and so were we to him. Then he said one wasn't enough, so he gave two. I lost count of the times I thank him profusely. I've never said thank you so many times and feeling excited and on cloud nine. We ditched our plan to drive around and went home instead. I've been craving for durians... and you'll never understand how satisfied I feel. A person desperate enough to eat a durian will not wait for others to open one. I opened it myself and I'm an expert in doing so.
I'm on cloud nine~ Milky, tasty... yummy~! *nom nom nom nom* *slurp!* Yellow, creamy, sweet, thick... indescribable~!! Love that the most... I bless others with my cooking, God blesses us with the desire of our hearts. All three of us had a really great day. Old grandmother's tale. Drink salt water from the... from the... what do you call that... skin?... drink from there to prevent sore throat? Got such thing? I'm not sure but I've been doing that since I was small and I like drinking salt water. So, I don't mind.

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