Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Chicken Died...

I can't imagine that I actually de-boned the chicken thigh. My hubby does it most of the time but I forget to tell him that I need the chicken today. So, I did it all by myself. Is that how it feels like to dismantle a human section by section? It's awful. I feel like a murderess using a knife to separate the flesh from the bones. Then, pulling them apart then I break the bones and keep them in a container so that I can use them to make chicken stock later on.
Eewww... thank God I don't have to buy a live chicken and kill it plus removing the feathers all on my own. I can't imagine doing that. I would rather not eat chicken if I have to kill it with my bare hands. Chicken julienne... with sour cream and I melted some gruyère left from the earlier croque madame.Then, dory fillet... AGAIN~! I'm starting to dislike dory fillet. Don't they sell other fillet? Don't ask me to do it all by myself. I'm not gonna do that. The fish is too slippery. By the way, that's Rasputin's Dory Soup. It's suppose to be codfish but it's too expensive to get codfish for so many people. I did some changes to the recipe. Added hard boiled eggs, mashed beyond recognition but I kinda like that taste with milk and whipping cream.

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