Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In 90 Minutes...

I have no afternoon class today. Just for today. So we made a quick decision to go to a few places. Taking my kids out since MGS has just finished with their third exam. So early... when other schools will be having their exam next month. We went to the newly opened Tesco *gasped* We saw a group of primary school students barely hitting puberty smoking away like professionals with such style that they think people will praise them for smoking in such a way. Where on earth did they get those cigarettes from? Aren't the sellers NOT suppose to sell to children under 18 years of age? And where are their parents? And what are they doing loitering around the hypermarket? What will become of them in the future or is there no future for them? If any of my kids smoke in front of me, I'll put tobacco leaves into their mouths and light them up and that will definitely make them remember for life not to smoke.

We did brisk walking in the hypermart. My pineapple treated me to McD's Chocotop... as she had bribed me earlier to take them there. Teaching them how to keep to their words. If you don't mean it, don't even mention it. And I have very good memory that remembers conversations word for word. My precious wanted to go to Straits Quay because the last time I took them there was last year in December. That was like 7 months ago... almost a year... oh, wow~! How time flies... Actually I just planned to drive off and let them "Ooo... and aahhhh" in the car. But then my precious started to scream for me to stop. Wanted to take photos... my kids... so my trademark... jumping photos~! Aww... Straits Quay is such a beautiful place. I wish I have a big and beautiful boat so that I can go sailing around the world. I can read maps but I can't read compass... and there's no signboards on the sea so I guess... *sigh*... Dear Lord, can I have a boat please? Can I have three houses at the residential area that cost millions of ringgit so that Judz and Gracie can be my neighbours?

*Poof*... off we went to Island Plaza which was a few minutes' drive away. I was thinking of letting them choose what they want for snacks so that I can put in the fryer but they spent so much time staring at those cheese blocks and cubes. Staring in pure amazement. And off we went home because I have to work already :D That's a really fast outing for 3 places.

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