Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sorry... I'm Busy...

I've drafted a few posts, just uploaded the photos but I can't find the time to write. I'm currently in a reading mode and once I start to read, I can't stop. I have a few more books waiting for me and the reason I'm rushing through all the reading is because those books have due dates and I have until next week to finish up all 4 books plus another 2 books. I'll write about it once I'm done with reading.

Furthermore, I'm trying out all the hawker food in Penang. Trying out not as in thronging the hawker centres in search of food, but preparing them myself from my own kitchen since I have everything that I needed to make good food.

The month of Ramadhan is starting on the 1st of August, I'll have to refrain myself from posting food photos during the fasting period until they break fast in the evening. So, it's better that I fast from the Internet during this one month period. Christians are also fasting for 40 days starting August the 7th until September the 16th. I doubt that I can do any fasting as lunch is the only meal that I have and it's impossible for me not to prepare lunch for my kids. I'll do the prayers though.

I will squeeze some time to keep this blog very very much alive. Time is my greatest enemy. I want to sleep as well. I enjoy sleeping. I enjoy going out as well but I'm always in a hurry.

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